Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catch up!

Been very neglectful lately!Even though I'm online a lot, I never seem to remember to post on my own blog. What has got my attention, you may ask?

Well, the first and foremost would be ravelry!!! Love it and am now addicted! I am on there posting in my groups, chatting, looking for patterns, whatever. I'm also addicted to swaps! Swaps are where you sent stuff to someone in the group and get stuff in return--usually based on a theme or at least a price range. I did 12 (yes 12) in the last couple months of 2009 and I'm signed up for a dozen more in the next few weeks. I'm in a couple pools--those are different. You sign up for a group that is centered around a reality show where contestants leave each week (like Survivor), you are put with a group of people and each person is given 2 contestants. Person with the winning contestant gets stuff sent from the other "losers."

Stemming from my new interest in ravelry is my quest to become a better knitter and not be so scared of everything. I learned how to knit in the round (taught myself) and have made many cowls. Here's a couple:

Lastly, I'm online on Facebook quite a bit. Always interested in what everyone else is doing and saying....

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